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Cadets 1980
In February, 1980, 70 new young people joined the all new CADETS of the Dutch Boy Drum and Bugle Corps. These boys and girls, between the ages of 8 and 12, were being trained as future members of the Dutch Boy. Meanwhile in their own right, they would perform in parades and exhibitions in Ottawa, Quebec and Michigan.

In a continued salute to the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest tradition the boys and girls wore the traditional cadet Bavarian outfits of Lederhosen and Dirndls. In 1980 the corps competed in the Novice Class and won both the Ontario and National Drum Corps Championships. Their repertoire included the "Song of Joy" and a medley of German Folk Tunes entitled "Dutch Treat".

The Cadets competed in the Bantam class in 1981 and in 1982 the Junior "C " Class, They were successful both years in winning the National and Canadian Championships. In 1983 the Cadets advanced to the HC" class and placed in the finals for Provincials and Nationals. They also competed in the Great Lakes Championships in Windsor and won this title.

The Corps joined the C.C.I. (Cadet Corps International), and placed in the finals in 1983. The Cadets moved to "B" class in 1984 and again won the Great Lakes Championship, as well as being finalist in CCI.

Once again in 1985 the Cadets retained their Great Lakes Championship title as well as placing 4th in CCI in Chicago with their highest score ever received in Competition. The Cadets travelled extensively throughout Ontario and the U.S. They travelled to Windsor, Clawson, Michigan, Flint, Michigan, Canton, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois.

In 1986 the Cadets competed in "B" class with a membership of 65. They became members of the Ontario Drum Corps Association, Great Lakes and have made application to Drum Corps Midwest. A large part of their traveling this year was in the U.S.

All of these achievements, and touring opportunities have been wade possible due to John Robin's patience, pushing and dedication.

For the first few years, John was "always" there. Drill began in 1980 with John on the field. Each year he advanced the Corps one more step forward.

From 198? till 198? Janis Bradshaw served as the Corps Director of the Cadets. John was away with Dutch Boy during most of the summers of 1983, 84 and 85, but made his appearance in August in time to "get the Cadets into shape for CCI competition." During this period the Cadets achievements and attitudes were again due to John's hard work and diligence.


Over the years the corps remained relatively unchanged. They successfully served their purpose in developing young talent so there was not much need to alter the formula. In 1990 though the musicians received the first significant upadate to their costumes. The red vests they changed to forest green and a red tie was added. In 1993 the corps took a drastic departure from their Bavarian styled uniforms since they were first designed for the Dutch Boy Cadets in 1971. The Cadets now marched in a modern red, white and black uniform reminicient of the older corps's look.

1994 was their first year as the sole active unit of the organization. With the attention now solely on the Cadets they begin to develop and mature.

In 1996 a black sash was added across the chest.

By 1997 it was apparent that the aspirations of the organization was going forward on the efforts of the Cadet corps. The decision was made to assume the identity of the Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps for which they had served for 14 years.

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