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Guess what?

If you marched, taught or supported one of the groups on this site then YOU are ALL ALUMNI now. If your name is not in the alumni list then it's time to record your involvement before memories fade.


The alumni list is FULLY INTERACTIVE. You can narrow down the results with the filters at the top of the page and most details in the list are clickable. Click on someone's name to see just their details or click on a year or unit to isolate just that information. You can also submit the names and details of other members as well. All submissions will be reviewed before being posted so updates may take a few days to appear.

** Click HERE to see a Cool Dynamic Graph that shows the current Registered Alumni compared to the total marching members for each year.


On the Registered Stats page you can find links for each year and you can submit the names of fellow alumni that you marched with. Let's collect everyone's name and hit 100% Registered Alumni for all 55 marching years of drum corps.

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Hey we all know how the drum corps bug can bite. Well, apparently for some, they also got bit by the love bug! Check out who's gotten hooked up ... Drum Corps style.

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Well, some of us stayed in the drum corps activity, while others became professional musicians, the rest of us either got a real education, a fancy job or ... a life. Check out what others have been up to since the days of 110 degree parking lots, sunburns and inadequate cold showers.

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As with any organization with roots dating back more than 50 years, it is inevitable that more and more of our members will have completed their journey in life, perform their final show and "age-out" so to speak. This list recognizes members who have left us behind to remember their contributions.

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The Dutch Boy Drum Corps Alumni maintains a Facebook group which is open to all alumni of the Dutch Boy, Cadets of Dutch Boy, Flying Dutchmen, Dutch Boy Cadets, Northstars, or the Royal Engineers Drum and Bugle Corps.

  There is also a Northstar Youth Organization Alumni Page that was active from 2007 to 2008. It contains a good selection of photos that will get inserted shortly into the appropriate years on this site. Click Here to go to the Facebook page.

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2007 Reunion

In 2007 we held a NYO 30th anniversary reunion at the Lancaster Tavern. Watch it NOW!