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John Robins - 50 Years of Dedication

For almost 50 years John Robins (1934-2005) tirelessly gave his leadership to the drum corps activity in the K-W area. Great people have helped to build and lead this organization but John Robins embodied it and his passion, efforts and personaility left an indellible imprint on everyone who knew him.

His long time association with bands and marching began in 1955, when he joined the 48th Field Squadron in Kitchener. Four years later he became treasurer of that organization and helped guide the evolution of that group into the Flying Dutchmen Senior Drum and Bugle Corps. In 1961 John served as President of the Flying Dutchmen and the following year began his long tenure as the group's Corps Director.

When the Senior Dutchmen merged with the Royalaires in Guelph, John stayed with the Flying Dutchmen and played a key management role in re-packaging them as a junior corps. Off the field he put in countless hours as an Executive Board member, Director and Vice-President of this new junior organization. At the same time he was actively involved with the corps's on-the-field performance in various roles including Show Designer, Staff Co-ordinator and Marching Instructor.

John's expertise was not only instrumental in the growth of the above groups but also in the formation of many other area corps including the Dutch Boy Cadets, Northstar, St. Andrews of Cambridge, The Kiwanis Kavaliers and The Ventures, to name a few. John was a charter member and a past president of the Northstar Youth Organization which provided much of the funding for the Dutch Boy Drum and Bugle Corps. John's knowledge and dedication to the activity was recognized outside the K-W area as is evidenced by his years of service as President of both the Ontario and the Canadian Drum Corps Associations.

John served as corps director of the Dutch Boy and Cadets of Dutch Boy Drum Corps through the early 80's. He began he first retirement from the activity in 1986 and returned in 1994 and carried on with the organization in various leadership roles until his passing in 2005.

His impact was evidenced by the honour and recognition he received by alumni and other members of the drum corps activity in attandance at his funeral on February 26,2005.