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Royal Canadian Engineers

In September of 1954, the late Major Bill Ball formed the band or the 48th Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers. The band played for parades, half time football games, as well as hockey games in their Militia battle dress uniforms.

In 1955 John Robins joined the 48th Field Squadron as a playing member and a year later moved to the position of Treasurer of that organization.


Reprinted from The Globe & Mail, June 1959, Music in Toronto:
When it came to the actual program, musical imaginations ran riot. One of the most impressive organizations for both music and drill, was the band of the 48th Field Regiment of the Royal Canadian Engineers from Kitchener. The precision and snap of their maneuvers was made doubly effective by the scarlet coats, and navy trousers with wide scarlet stripes of their uniforms. And they achieved excellence as well in music
playing the Banana Boat and Frere Jacques.


Reprinted from Kitchener Record, 1959:
Kitchener's Band of the 48th Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers, won first prize in a Chicago street parade yesterday that included 80 bands from Canada, the United States and several European countries. The 60 piece militia band returned to Kitchener today with the cash prize of $205.00.


The band continued performing until 1961. By then the new Marching and Maneuvering program had gained popularity in Canada. Interest in the 48th Field Squadron faded as the members were now focussed full time on their second identity known as the Flying Dutchmen Senior Drum & Bugle Corps.