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Wendy Steele

Contact Info for Wendy
Email     known but not shown (Ask David Delouchery for it)

What Wendy did (overview)
Snare, NS '78

Shout-outs / Inspirational Message / Memories from Wendy
I remember sticks being glued to me, and nothing else mattered but the beat. Our snare line was undoubtedly the best!

What Wendy did with NYO (positions by year)
#YearCorps / UnitSectionInstrument / Position
11978   InfoLinkK-W Lions Northstar Drum & Bugle CorpsPercussionSnare

Other Accomplishments by Wendy
Drum Corps Experience after Dutch Boy/NYOactually making the snare line that year. I never worked so hard for something and loved it so much!



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