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Alumni Marriages

Couples who met before or during their time with the NYO
and then married each other

1Dale Ann LipskieDanny Meron
2Cheryl HughesMark Dietrich
3Tammy (Piccinetti) BlandfordLarry Blandford
4Mary Jo (Stumpf) BrideauTim Brideau
5Cindy SomertonBarry Bergey
6Nathalie (Pilon) GilmourConrad Gilmour
7Dana (Jantzi) HughesBrent Hughes
8Kelly (Skuce) IngerhamBob Ingerham
9Sandy (Burdzy) RenaudBill Renaud Jr.
10Sheila (Clark) LairFred Lair
11Andrea (Hume) BilinskyKeith Bilinsky
12Christy McCourtDave Roe
13Katherine "Kathy" (Thorne) SavoyMike Savoy

Members of the NYO who met and married
a member from a different drum corps.

1Bridget (Lambert) Sinden (Kavaliers)Mark Sinden
2Linda Asma (St. Andrews)Scott Blandford
3Lori KarabaJamie Burton (Kavaliers)
4Karen Kiley (Kavaliers)Brian Murphy
5Michelle MoreyKevin Matthew
6Shannon Bluhm (Kavaliers)Trevor Boppre


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