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1993 Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps


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Show Theme:Las Vegas Fever
Repertoire:Big Spender / Fever Pitch / The Wee Small Hours / Luck Be a Lady / Come Back to Me
Final Position:18th Place DCI World Championship Semi-Finals in Jackson. Mississippi Score: 78.300

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Three years of continuous effort to compete at the world class level had taken it's toll. A lack of unified direction would rattle the foundations of the organization. This would mark the final competitive year for this version of the corps which formed in 1977 as a feeder unit to the Northstar's and the crowning achievement of the Northstar Youth Organization.
Big Spender - Roland Garceau
Wee Small Hours - Justin Smith
Luck Be a Lady - Jeremiah Williams & Roland Garceau (duet)
Corps Director:Al DiCroce
Show Consultant:Michael Cesario

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Teaching Staff
Brass:Al DiCroce (Arranger), Rich Guillen
Visual:Jim Coffin, John Freeman, Peter Jones

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Support Staff:Tour Director - Marco Roeleveld
Support Staff - Barry Woods
Board Member - John Robins

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Drum Major:Amy Young
Brass:Soprano: Heather Atkinson, Roland Garceau, Randall Haynes, Erik Janssen, David Osborne, Bill Ray, Justin Smith, Chad Walton, Jeremiah Williams
Mellophone: Alexandra Garbeck, Eric Hughes, Laura Lewis, Eric Pennock, Kari Webster
Baritone: Aaron Hall, Atushi Kobayashi, Jason Mcdowell, Katherine Thorne
Contra: David Hipperson, Joseph Lee Rich, Fred Stilling, Kevin Watts
Euphonium: Brian Dowry, Chris Groves, Rocky Van Brimmer
Percussion:Snare: John Guillory, Marco Harder, Kirk Larson, Kathia Lepage, Tim Sherman
Tenors: Bill Bachman
Bass: Orinzie Mitchell, Brian Schell
Cymbals: Adam Darin, Mike Marcotte
Pit: Marty Joyce, Dirkjan Van Groningen
Auxiliary:Helen Assenburg, Pauline Boss, Sara Clark, Brandi Eik, Katherine Guay, Kara Haning, Belinda Hipperson, Jeanne Huss, Lori Karaba, Tracy Macdougall, Angela Marchand, Marysol Masse, Debbie Mulkey, Julie Stone, Mary Jo Stumpf, Helen van Gemert-Assenberg, Renske Van Hutten
Unknown:Tim Beall, Francis Berube, Kari Bowling, Diana Buck-Pamplin, Brent Caperones, Sarah Dear, Sarah DeLorme, Sarah DeLorne-Bucior, Jeff Frederiksen, Rob Huggins, Jeanne Huss-McDonald, Ahmed Moustafa, Stanley Reed, Chris Romanowski, Larry Shane, Ben Smolder, Amy Swann, Fred Tiberius-Godspeed
73 of 104 marching members registered for this year

Submitted to DCI news, May 2003 by Rocky Van Brimmer, a former member of Dutch Boy

(Ed.note: The following excerpt is from contributions of readers being asked to share their recollections about memorable drum corps instructors.)

A Tribute to memorable instructors

“Rocky” VanBrimmer played euphonium in Dutch Boy in 1993. His most memorable instructor is corps director Al DiCroce. Al seemed to always carry a massive orange cup of coffee with him, one Rodney swears was about a gallon.

But Rodney remembers Al’s dedication, saying, “He worked with me one night, lifting his feet up and down to keep beat, twirling his hands in circles of one another going ‘Dak a doo da, dak a doo da, dak a doo da’ to teach me a lick.

“He made me sooooo mad at him during the summer, I thought the most negative things about a person. However, when it was all said and done, I realized he wanted me to be the best I could be. He gave so much of himself for us to succeed, and when it was all said and done, he was proud of us.

“The man taught me so many life lessons at the age of 19. I am truly grateful and lucky to have spent my entire summer with him, and everyone in the Dutch Boy organization. That was the best year of my drum corps life ... It even beats out marching a top-12 corps. The man is dedicated!

“I do not believe I ever got to say ‘thank you’ to Al. I hope he sees this.”

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