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1988 Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps


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Show Theme:A Tribute to Sinatra
Repertoire:The Song is You /It Was a Very Good Year /I've Got You Under My Skin /My Way
Final Position:13th place Open Class in Kansas City, Missouri Score: 86.40

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This was the second year into their new look and Dutch Boy was now a serious contender for the exclusive Top 12 World Class Finals position. Continuing with their "Tribute to Sinatra" the show and musical score was more refined than their 1987 show. The colourguard offered even more sophistication to their routines. Far more than just sequins the colourguard worked hard and were every bit as talented as any guard out on the field, including those in the Top 12. In 1988 they won best colourguard at several shows beating out Spirit, Cadets, Suncoast and several others. Despite the significant effort and crowd pleasing show the corps finished just 0.02 points away from the elusive 12th place position.
My Way Intro - Jason Logue
It Was a Very Good Year - Michel Power (Baritone) / Jason Logue
Got You Under My Skin - Stephen Dakin & Jason Logue
Season Highlights:
The corps acquired new members from Connexion Quebec and Les Eclipses.
Corps Director:Al DiCroce
Show Consultant:Michael Cesario

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Teaching Staff
Brass:Al DiCroce (Arranger), Jim Gardiner, Doug Thrower, Matt Tracey
Percussion:Thom Hannum (Arranger), Brent Montgomery (Arranger), Fred Oltarzewski (Arranger), Scott Bensen, Rick Gallagher, Bob Gilligan, Joe Guadagnino, Bill Renaud
Visual:Vince Monacelli (Designer), John Freeman, Wyatt Gill, Steve Gingerich, Robert Haley, Paul Perniciaro
Auxiliary:Sandy DiCroce (Choreographer), Shanna Freeman, Craig Raymond

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Support Staff:Support Staff - Barry Woods
Board Member - John Robins
Board Member - Gary Thomas

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Drum Major:Jim Allen, Nathalie Desgroseillers
Brass:Soprano: David Cusimano, Stephen Dakin, Chris Gallant, Conrad Gilmour, Jason Gingrich, Bob Ingerham, Mark Kozma, Jason Logue, Thomas Mallette, Jason McKnight, Brian Murphy, Randy Turenne
Mellophone: Cynthia Beddis, Monia Fleurent, Nathalie Pilon
Baritone: Keith Bilinsky, Tim Brideau, Peter Jones, Fred Lair, Kevin Matthew, Ian Matthews, Michel Power, Trent Renette, Allan Sage, Craig Walton
Contra: Jim Coffin, Scott Heer, David Hipperson, Tom Lichnofsky, Sean Montani, Jim Sanford
Percussion:Snare: Mark Campbell, Doug Duke, Willie Hankerson, Mike Harding, Yves Harel, Don Mercurio, Dave Singleton, Tom St.Denis
Tenors: Paul Janzen, Eric Morin, JJ Pipitone
Bass: Lyle Nunn, Mike Stumpf
Pit: Sophie Charpentier, Jason Gilchrist, Daniel Gorney, Kate Lecler, Kathleen Leclerc, Stephane Rouleau, Christine Tremblay, Corey Voelzing
Auxiliary:Noel Becking, Joanna Bilinsky, Denise Bond, Pauline Boss, Jennifer Castonguay, Cathy Frederiksen, Caroline Fredette, Annette Hollis, Michelle Huggins, Anne Jones, Mami Khin, Salima Ladek, Robin Leslie, Michelle Mathews, Poppy McPhee, Amanda Moir, Kelly Richardson, Stephanie Scandura, Shelly Simonelli, Kelly Skuce, Mary Jo Stumpf, Diana Woltz
Unknown:Dan Strooble
77 of 119 marching members registered for this year

Open letter to Dutch Boy from Randy Montgomery August 1988


I personally believe that the corps is capable of pushing its
way to tenth position at D.C.I. In a way it's a relief it's almost
over, but it is hard to believe that no matter how well the corps
may do in the future, the feelings of the corps right now will never
be duplicated. With each age-out, each member which chooses not to
return, or staff member that does not return, something unique is
lost; for without the EXACT people involved, without the troubles
and the joys, it would seem the prize we all searched for this season
would be out of reach.

The corps finally seems to be locking in on that prize - NOT
just making finals, but doing it TOGETHER. It's kind of funny how
one show, one score, one placement is enough to make all the troubles
and disasters, just disappear. We all are on the threshold of emotions
which will probably never be felt again. This is what the game is
really about. Knowing that the contribution you made, maybe, just
maybe, was required for the organisation to reach its prize. From
the members down to those who may have never even seen the corps
perform, without each one of us, could it be that our goals may not
be achieved?

I will end this season extremely proud of each individual, from
Al down to those people who sacrificed their free time to work BINGO,
chaparone, sew, cook and drive.

But ultimately, it's the members - those kids who gave up their
summer to travel all night, sleep on gym floors, rehearse 12 or so
hours a day, put up with a lifestyle most other kids would never be
able to handle - THESE kids make it all worthwhile - You are worth
all the turmoil it took to get this far.

These Dutch Boy members - Canadians, French Canadians, Americans,
and English members alike - get their satisfaction from the crowd,
the audience that cheers their show, the audience that boos' the
placements, the staff who say " It was a good show", and from each
other, knowing it took EVERYONE to get this far.

It is astonishing how a diversified group of young people can
work so hard to achieve a brief moment in a champions' spotlight.
Afterwards it's the memories we all as the 'family' remember.

Thank you all for being yourselves and giving us ALL something
to remember for years to come.

You are true champions!

- Randy Montgomery