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1977 Cadets of Dutch Boy


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Repertoire:A Place to Stand / The Happy Wanderer

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This was the first version of the Cadets of Dutch Boy. They were created to serve as a feeder corps to the Northstar which had been formed by the merge between the Dutch Boy Cadets and the Flying Dutchmen Jr. Corps. This unit would march for three years until the Northstar folded. They then became the Dutch Boy Drum & Bugle Corps which would go on the win the DCI Class A Championships in 1982 and break into the DCI Top 12 in 1990. Although these new uniforms were styled to look like the Dutch Boy Cadets uniforms from the mid 70's they were in fact made of new, less expensive materials: a vinyl vest & cotton shorts. This costume design would serve this and the second version of the Cadets until 2003.
Corps Director:

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Teaching Staff
Brass:Rob Dunnington, Harry McGhie
Visual:Chris Tschirhart

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Drum Major:Shawn McEwen, Colleen Davis (Colour Guard Captain)
Brass:Soprano: Trevor Cummings, Brian Murphy, Rhonda Woodworth
Mellophone: Wendy Lougheed
Baritone: Jason Carmount, Reg Densmore, Glenn Lukas
Percussion:Tenors: Jim Bowman, Susan Spehner
Cymbals: Dave Meikle
Pit: Kimberly Webber
Auxiliary:Toni Casey, Lisa Baker - Bailey, Lynne Hughes
16 of 83 marching members registered for this year