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1976 Flying Dutchmen Jr. Drum Corps


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Repertoire:Procession of Bacchus / Sing Sing Sing / Medley of Contrast / Symphony in Blue / String of Pearls / The Sun Goes By / Chameleon (Herbie Hancock) / Firebird Suite

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This was the last season for the Flying Dutchmen Junior Corps before merging with the Dutch Boy Cadets to create the Northstar Drum Corps.
Firebird Suite - John Anderson
Corps Director:John Robins

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Teaching Staff
Brass:Harry McGhie, Paul New
Percussion:Tom Baggett
Visual:Marty Binkley

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Drum Major:Cathy Post
Brass:Soprano: Mark Bannon, Steve Cameron, Mark Cloes, Mike Harnock, Peter Harvey, Doug Huras
Mellophone: John Anderson, Stephen Turnbull
Baritone: Shane Clarke, Chris Tschirhart, Bruce Witmer
Contra: Steve Cameron
Percussion:Snare: Mark Doering, Bill Renaud, Barry Zehr
Tenors: Marty Lidstone
Cymbals: Allan Bandura, Renee Thompson
Tymp: Susan Reynolds
Bells: Mark Lewis, Darlene Turnbull
Auxiliary:Carol Aultman, Brenda Binkle, Sue Blanchard, Penny Boehm, Cindy Edmond, Linda Hartwich, Annette Hertzig, Rose Hertzig, Brenda Livock, Mo Peace, Debbie Reynolds, Karen Whitelaw, Cathie Wilke, Heather Woods
Unknown:Paul Aultman, Bill Bailey, Pat Bandura, Dean Ertel, Jeff Greig, Linda Hay, Ray Herbert, Deb Hofheinz, Dave Kaye, Joan Klochnyk, Brad Knowles, Jason Lidstone, Jeff Merry, Linda Parry, Paul Peace, Kim Poser, Mandy Rostance, Allan Thompson, Ron Wettlaufer, Jerry Whitelaw
56 of 80 marching members registered for this year