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48th Field Squadron Royal Canadian Engineers Trumpet Band 1954 -1961

The Royal Canadian Engineers were formed in September 1954 by Major Bill Ball. They performed for parades, hockey and half time football games. In 1955 John Robins joined as a marching member and would later serve as the treasurer for the organization. They were regarded for their precision and snap manoeuvres. Their 1959 repertoire included "Banana Boat" and "Frere Jacques" They won first place in a Chicago street parade competing against 80 bands from Canada, America and Europe. In 1956 the CDCA adopted the now familiar marching and manoeuvering, 11 to 13 minute "fancy" drill. Bands like the Royal Canadian Engineers were discouraged from these "audience friendly" competitions as they were not allowed to depart from their strictly military drill and marching. So in 1960 John Robins and Lyle Boss, of the Engineers, formed a "sister group" named the Flying Dutchmen senior drum corps. The new name and uniforms allowed them to take part in this new "American" style of performance. They remained quite busy through the 1960 season switching between the uniforms and repertoire. By 1961 the Engineers called it quits and the Flying Dutchmen continued in competition.