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The Flying Dutchmen Senior Drum Corps 1960-1966

In 1960 John Robins and Lyle Boss, of the Engineers, formed the Flying Dutchmen senior drum corps so that the members of the Royal Canadian Engineers could take part in the new "American" style drill that was being performed on football fields to a choreographed 11 to 13 minute show. Their initial uniform included a black satin shirt, white sash and a busby with a tall white plume. In 1961 their repertoire included: "Happy Days" / "Moments to Remember" / "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" / "Frankie & Johnny" / "Chicago" and "Chattanooga Choo-Choo". John Robins marched on the Baritone line. The corps marched in the Senior A division with 1965 and 1966 being their best years. The corps sponsored over 30 contests and exhibitions and their finances were dependant on the success of these shows. They were self supporting with no sponsors but eventually the cost would take it's toll. John Robins, who was also an Executive Board Member, helped turn the corps into a junior unit. The older members of the senior corps joined the Royalaires in Guelph.

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