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Rob Dunnington

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What Rob did (overview)
Dutch Boy Cadets 1969-76 Northstars 77-78 Contra

What Rob did with NYO (positions by year)
#YearCorps / UnitSectionInstrument / Position
11970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsBaritone
21971   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsBaritone
31972   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsContra
41973   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsContra
51974   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsContra
61975   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsContra
71976   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsContra
81977   InfoLinkK-W Lions Northstar Drum & Bugle CorpsHornsContra
91977   InfoLinkCadets of Dutch BoyTeaching StaffHorn Instructor
101978   InfoLinkK-W Lions Northstar Drum & Bugle CorpsHornsContra
112005   InfoLinkDutch Boy Drum & Bugle CorpsSupportBoard Member
122006   InfoLinkDutch Boy Drum & Bugle CorpsSupportBoard Member
132007   InfoLinkDutch Boy Drum & Bugle CorpsSupportBoard Member
142008   InfoLinkDutch Boy Drum & Bugle CorpsSupportBoard Member

What Rob did after NYO/is doing now
Taught Kiwanis Kavaliers horn line in 1979-80. Instructed Ridge Raiders horn line 1983. Dutch Boy board member from 2005-2008.

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Dutch Boy Cadets - 1974
September 1974, the drum corps season is over and we get ready for Oktoberfest....in GERMANY !! We spent four days in Munich and performed in front of 80,000 in the Olympic Stadium. After our performance and we were trooping the stands one section of the crowd stood up and chanted CA NA DA, CA NA DA !!!, Performing in the Hofbrau Haus was outstanding as well, this place is huge. Then we paraded down the Oktoberfest grounds with people clapping and cheering for us.
On our fifth day we went to Baden Baden, they loved this place so much they named it twice. We stayed on the Canadian Air Force base in the middle of a troop rotation to Cyprus. We performed at least three to four times a day. Many of the kids on the base had never seen actual Canadian kids from the home land before. The last school we performed at we did our field show. It was really tough because the school was built in the shape of a horseshoe and we had a for story building surrounding us, we had fun with this one. After this show we were kept for almost two hours after we were packed up to sign autographs on kids shirts, hats heads, faces, one girl wanted me to sign her thigh, which I did before any teacher said I couldn't. Next day up at 3am to catch the flight back to Toronto. Of all the trips I went on in my ten year DB career, THIS was by far the best 8 days EVER !!!



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