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21 of 31 marching members (67%) are registered for 1970
STATS:         Registered Alumni: 1027         Not Verified: 580         Alumni in this list: 27         Positions shown: 28


    Dutch Boy Cadets 1970 - 21 of 31 marching members registered.               For more info jump to the Registered Stats page
11970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsDrum MajorsDrum MajorKevin Budding
21970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionSnareAnthony "Tony" Ibele
31970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionSnareCraig Bignell *
41970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionSnareTim Maurer
51970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionTenorsTony Lidstone *
61970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionBass DrumRobert Scott *
71970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsPercussionCymbalsStephen Vanderkolff
81970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoDoug Huras
91970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoBrian Scott
101970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoCraig Schelter
111970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoCarl Lachenbaurer
121970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoJamie Scott
131970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSoprano (Lead)Mark Fries  deceased
141970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsSopranoTim Bignell
151970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsBaritoneLes (Kent) Kauffeldt
161970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsHornsBaritoneRob Dunnington
171970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsColour Guard Anita (Hoekstra) DeHaan
181970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsColour GuardColour Guard (I was in the colour guard and I carried the sword)Yvonne (Devlin) Fair
191970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsColour GuardNational PartyRon Hoekstra
201970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsColour GuardNational PartyRick Hoekstra
211970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsUnknownUnknown Marching Position (Drumline)Ed Devlin *  deceased
221970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffCorps DirectorDon Scott
231970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffVisual/M&M InstructorIngrid "Inge" Poschner
241970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffVisual/M&M InstructorPeter Vanderkolff  deceased
251970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffPercussion InstructorStan Young *
261970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffHorn InstructorDon Poole *
271970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffHorn InstructorJack Turner
281970   InfoLinkDutch Boy CadetsTeaching StaffColour Guard InstructorIngrid "Inge" Poschner

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This information, although believed to be correct, has not been verified by the actual alumni member.