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Alum Info

Wendy (Lougheed) Grisbrook B.A/C.H.R.

Contact Info for Wendy
Email     wendy.grisbrook(curly symbol)ontario.ca

What Wendy did (overview)
Mellophone CDB '77, '78, Tri-drums, CDB '79

Shout-outs / Inspirational Message / Memories from Wendy
My favourite memories were the night shows and lining up with other Corps to hear who placed where! My dad was a driver with the Dutch Boys.

What Wendy did with NYO (positions by year)
#YearCorps / UnitSectionInstrument / Position
11977   InfoLinkCadets of Dutch BoyHornsMellophone
21978   InfoLinkCadets of Dutch BoyHornsMellophone
31979   InfoLinkCadets of Dutch BoyPercussionPit/Front Line Ensemble

What Wendy did after NYO/is doing now
Moved to Mississauga, finished schooling and graduated in 2002. currently working for the Provincial government.



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